Fritz Fey was born on 14 March 1940 in Lübeck as the son of puppeteer Fritz Fey Sr. He had been a cameraman for the German television channel NDR for 35 years with photographic posts in Switzerland. During his professional career as cameraman he started his collecting fever in 1971 and subsequently became a passionate lover of theater puppets.

Whenever Fey and his television crew traveled the world, he never missed an opportunity to discover and purchase new theater puppets during his breaks and free time. The more Fey collected, the bigger became his stock of the puppets, musical instruments, posters, shadow puppets and pictures, and he discovered the cultural value of the exhibits and their implications for research and science.

Fey’s collection had already reached a worldwide meaningful size, when, with the help of the city of Lübeck and the Possehl Foundation, his musuem of theater puppets was founded in 1982. At the end of 2012, Fritz and his wife Saraswathi handed the collection and museum over to the Possehl Foundation. By that time, the museum celebrated its 30th anniversary since foundation and has welcomed one million visitors from around the world.

Fritz Fey and his wife Saraswathi enjoy worldwide contacts to cultural and art experts, as well as to collectors. A national focus is India, where Saraswathi Fey was born, and Abu Dhabi which is an important international exchange location for the collection as well.

Fritz Fey's vision is to establish a research facility with scientific studies, lectures and excursions of the culturally valuable exhibits. A small part of the puppets and instruments can be explored on this website.